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  • A delicious unique blend of alkaline herbs and superfoods synergistically created to make a delicious coffee replacement while promoting adrenal health, altertness, mental performance and focus without caffeine. Helps the body to adapt to stress with the calming effects of Reishi Mushroom (focus blend) and Ashwagandha (detox adaptogen blend).
  • 100% Natural Superfood Powerhouse Ingredients
  • 100% Alkaline and Adaptogenic Herbs

Alkaline Coffees - Focus Blend or Detox Adaptogen Blend

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  • Organic Roasted Dandelion Root, Organic Roasted Burdock Root, Organic Roasted Chickory Root, Organic Carob Root, Organic Sweet Cacao Nibs Roasted, Organic Cinnamon, Chaga Extract, Reishi Extract and Cordyceps Extract.